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         A young woman wishing to join the Missionary Franciscan Sisters usually contacts us through a visit or letter. Our vocation directress keeps in touch with her during this initial time of getting to know one another. Once the vocation directress has discerned if the young woman has the necessary qualifications regarding spiritual life, education and health, she is invited to come to Aitape for our “Come and See Programme” where she will begin the next step of special guidance and growth. As a candidate she will live in Bethel House, located nearer to the sisters, where she observes our manner of living and being together.

After several months the candidate directress and young woman will discern together if she is ready for the next stage, when she begins her time as a postulant living our way of life in the formation community. This is the beginning of her formal initiation as an MFIC sister and is followed by two years in the novitiate as a novice. There she will prepare for the consecration of religious profession of the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience through prayer, study, training in ministry and above all by living in Franciscan community. A period of Temporary Profession precedes Final Profession spent in community and full time ministry as well as in deepening the understanding and experience of our MFIC way of life.

Those wishing more information may write to:

Vocation Directress

Missionary Franciscan Sisters

P.O. Box 127


Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea


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